Mother Botanical Garden

The MBG at the University

The Mother Botanical Garden, located at the University of Duhok Main Campus, has several key objectives:

Serving the University Community: The primary purpose of the Botanical Garden is to cater to the needs of Duhok University's staff, students, and researchers. It serves as a valuable resource and educational space within the campus.

Conservation of Plant Species: The garden plays a crucial role in conserving plant species, especially those that are rare, threatened, endangered, or vulnerable. This commitment to biodiversity preservation is essential for ecological balance.

Preservation of Cultural and Traditional Heritage: The Botanical Garden also serves as a means to conserve the cultural and traditional heritage of all minority groups. This may include the cultivation of plants with cultural significance and promotion of traditional agricultural practices.

Raising Environmental Awareness: Another vital role of the garden is to promote public environmental awareness. By showcasing diverse plant species and their ecological importance, the garden helps educate the public about environmental conservation.

 In terms of infrastructure, the Botanical Garden spans an area of 12,500 square meters, with an additional 12,500 square meters allocated for future expansion. It features various facilities and amenities, including 

Administration Rooms: Two dedicated rooms for managing and overseeing the botanical garden's operations.

Storage Room: A space for storing equipment, supplies, and materials needed for garden maintenance.

Herbarium Hall: This is likely a room for the preservation and study of plant specimens, often used for research and educational purposes.

Lighting: Adequate lighting ensures the garden can be enjoyed during the day and night.

Sprinkler System: An essential feature for maintaining the health of the plant species in the garden.

Aquarium: This may serve as an educational display showcasing aquatic life or plants.

Walkways: Well-planned pathways for visitors to navigate and explore the garden.

Greenhouses: These controlled environments enable the cultivation of a wide range of plant species.

Shade Zones: Areas with shade to provide relief from the sun and enhance visitor comfort.

Variety of Trees and Plants: The garden features a diverse collection of tree and plant species, contributing to its educational and conservation objectives.

Additionally, the University of Duhok is taking responsibility for constructing the administrative building within the botanical garden. This infrastructure will likely facilitate the management and coordination of activities related to the garden.

 Overall, the Mother Botanical Garden at the University of Duhok Main Campus is a multi-faceted project that serves educational, research, and conservation purposes, while also contributing to the university's commitment to environmental awareness and cultural preservation. Read about the Main Functions of UoDBG

A botanical garden, often referred to as a botanic garden, is a meticulously curated space housing a diverse and well-documented collection of living plants. These gardens serve a multifaceted purpose, including scientific research, conservation, public display, and education. Each plant is typically labelled with its precise botanical name, contributing to the garden's educational value. The University of Duhok is initiating on a series of innovative Botanical Garden Projects in locations including Bashiqa, Krimles Hamadania, Telkef, and the Mother Botanical Garden. These projects represent a fresh initiative aimed at supporting and conserving local plant species, fostering environmental awareness, and providing valuable resources for scientific exploration.