Our International Partners

Welcome to the Partners page at the Directorate of International Relations (DOIR).

Our Global Collaborations

At DOIR, we are dedicated to fostering robust international partnerships on a global scale. Our goal is to establish meaningful alliances with nations across North America and Europe. To achieve this, we harness the capabilities of the Erasmus Programme, with a primary focus on expanding collaborations that span from research initiatives to educational opportunities such as study and teaching mobility, which can serve as a stepping stone to pursuing double degrees. Currently, our university offers several double degree programs, and we have more in development.

Expansive Partnership Network

We take pride in our extensive network of partnerships that extends beyond borders, encompassing universities from around the world. Each partner institution has been meticulously chosen for its commitment to academic excellence. The University of Duhok is committed to the global integration of our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Additionally, we offer a diverse array of short courses, making us a leading provider of training for both academia and industry.

University-Level Agreements

Our collaborations are formalized through agreements signed at the university level, ensuring a cohesive and institution-wide commitment to our partners. Some of these agreements specify areas of collaboration and may have connections to specific schools within our university. Consequently, access to certain institutions or opportunities may be limited to students enrolled in particular programs.

We invite you to explore our vibrant world of international partnerships and discover the numerous opportunities for academic and cultural enrichment that these collaborations offer.