Building Bridges, One Connection at a Time: The DOIR Team 

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Meet the DOIR Team: Your Partners in Global Engagement 

The Directorate of International Relations (DOIR) at the University of Duhok (UoD) is driven by a passionate and dedicated team. These talented individuals, fluent in multiple languages, foster strong relationships across the UoD community. Their combined expertise fuels UoD's internationalization strategy, propelling the university's global presence and reputation in line with the University's long term Strategic Planning.

Why is the DOIR Team Important?

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We invite you to explore the individual profiles of our DOIR team members. Learn about their expertise and how they can assist you in achieving your international engagement goals.

Nazar Ameen Mohammed

Director of DOIR

Welcome to the Department of International Relations (DOIR) at the University of Duhok! I am Assistance Prof. Dr. Nazar Ameen Mohammed, and it is my privilege to lead this dynamic and globally engaged department. I hold a PhD in private law from the esteemed University of Stirling in the United Kingdom. Prior to my current role, I served as a faculty member at the College of Law within our university. My academic journey has been shaped by a passion for legal studies and a commitment to advancing international cooperation.

At DOIR, we envision a world where knowledge transcends borders, where collaboration knows no limits, and where cultural exchange enriches our collective understanding. Our mission is clear: to foster policy-driven international relations that align with the University’s strategic goals. Our department actively engages with international academic institutions, aid organizations, and governmental bodies. We believe that meaningful partnerships are essential for creating positive change. Whether you’re a student, a researcher, or a fellow academic, we invite you to connect with us. Let’s explore opportunities for collaboration, joint research, and student exchanges.

DOIR serves as a bridge between cultures, ideas, and aspirations. We facilitate dialogue, promote understanding, and contribute to a more interconnected world. Our team is dedicated to presenting a compelling global image of the University of Duhok—one that reflects our commitment to excellence, diversity, and innovation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Whether you have questions, ideas, or simply want to connect, I encourage you to initiate communication. You can contact me directly via email. Let’s begin on a journey of discovery together!

Thank you for being part of our international community. We look forward to collaborating with you. 


Fundraising Officer

I am Prof. Dr. Rund Ali Hammoudi, currently serving as the Fundraising Officer at the Directorate of International Relations (DOIR) at the University of Duhok. Having joined the office in 2007, I served as the Director of International Relations from September 2007 to December 2023. Throughout my tenure, I have been deeply committed to the university's goals of international engagement and institutional accreditation.

In my current role, I focus on enhancing the university's image within the international community, aiming to attract participation in regional projects and leverage our extensive experience in leading and managing impactful policy driven initiatives. I firmly believe in the internationalization of the University, striving to foster international ties that facilitate knowledge transfer and promote a collaborative academic culture in line with the University's Strategic Planning for Internationalisation of our academic community.

My dedication to these principles is reflected in my work, where I actively seek to build partnerships and work closely with international institutions, aid organizations, and governmental bodies. I am passionate about creating opportunities for joint academic missions that benefit both our community and our global partners.

I am eager to collaborate and welcome any inquiries or proposals for partnership. Please feel free to reach out to me:


Financial Officer


Liaison Officer

I'm Mina Faheem Abdullah, a Liaison Officer within the University of Duhok's Directorate of International Relations (DOIR). My primary focus is forging and nurturing strong partnerships with European universities, particularly for programs like Erasmus+.

My meticulous approach and dedication make me an invaluable asset to the DOIR team. I play a pivotal role in connecting UoD to the wider academic world and fostering international collaboration. 

She can be reached at;


Liaison Officer

I am delighted to introduce myself as Rojan A. Salih, Liaison Officer at the University of Duhok's Directorate of International Relations (DOIR). My primary focus lies in cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with the University's international stakeholders. This encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, including:

I am committed to fostering meaningful international collaborations and supporting the University's global engagement initiatives. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiries or require assistance.


Administration Officer

I am Miss ZEEN SABAH BAZAZ, serving as an Administration Officer at the Directorate of International Relations (DOIR), I am delighted to connect with our global community and contribute to our university’s mission of fostering international cooperation. I am a proud alumna of the University of Duhok, having earned my bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. Since 2013, I have been an integral part of the DOIR team, where I handle various responsibilities related to overseas personnel contracts, international project implementation, and dissemination. At DOIR, collaboration knows no boundaries. I work closely with our university and international organizations to coordinate successful initiatives. From facilitating student exchanges to supporting faculty research, I am committed to creating opportunities for positive change within our community.

Our university is more than just a local institution—it is a hub of global excellence. With international recognition and a commitment to cutting-edge learning, teaching, and research, we embrace diversity and innovation. As a member of the University team, I am dedicated to enhancing our global reach.

Personally, I am passionate about promoting diversity among our personnel. I believe that exposure to different cultures enriches our educational experience. My goal is to explore avenues for our students and employees to travel abroad for educational purposes, broadening their horizons and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Whether you’re a student, a fellow staff member, or a partner from another institution, I encourage you to reach out. Let’s collaborate, share ideas, and make a positive impact together. Feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you for being part of our global network. I look forward to connecting with you!


Liaison Officer