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Double Degree with THM

A double degree program in Biomedical Engineering between the University of Duhok and THM University, Giessen, Germany. Since 2012, the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen and the University of Duhok have collaborated. Professors Dr. Martin Fiebich and Dr. Thomas Schanze visited the Kurdish University as part of the "Biomedical Engineering in Northern Iraq" (BIONIQ) project. Bayar Bamarni, a board member of the German-Kurdish Society in Gießen, was with them.

At the time, in 2013, a group from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq's University of Duhok paid a visit to Gießen. Due to a pressing demand in the area, the University is rebuilding the medical technology department. You have the backing of the THM's Department of Hospital and Medical Technologies, Environmental and Biotechnology as well as DAAD.

In 2017 the THM received 134,536.00 € and in 2018, 99,776.00 €. Proportionally to the period of the 1st of September till the 31st of August, this results in a budget of 111,362.66 €. (All months weighted equally)

The DAAD extended the two projects BIONIQ-MedPhys (Prof. Fiebich) and BIONIQ-Bios (Prof. Schanze) in the years 2016 and 2017 into the combined project BIONIQ - Bios/MedPhys for the year 2018 (1st of January till the 31st December).


Conference in Duhok


2nd international BIONIQ Summer School in Cyprus


Exchange of PhD students

 Conference in Giessen 


Workshop in Istanbul