Our International Projects

The University of Duhok regularly participates in programmes supported by USAID and Erasmus+ that are related to international education. The University of Duhok has successfully participated as a partner and coordinator in a number of initiatives that advance education while also fostering innovation and capacity building. You may discover details on current and past the University of Duhok international projects on this page.

Academics, units, and degree programmes at the University of Duhok are encouraged to take an active role in advancing teaching and education by participating in international cooperation initiatives. In order to prepare for new project initiatives or to participate in external project proposals, the University's Directorate of International Relations (DOIR) has established internal criteria for participating in externally financed education projects.

Applications for project financing must be carefully prepared in collaboration with the project participants, and appropriate time must be set out for this purpose. Only projects in which the financing application and budget have been created in collaboration are eligible for the University involvement. 

All project-related documents must be sent to the University of Duhok for editing well before the application is sent to the funder if a partner intends to include us in a project proposal.

The "Support to Traditional Cultural Practices in Northern Iraq" is a project funded by USAID. The purpose of this project is to identify and re-establish the agro-based cultural practices of major minority groups in Northern Iraq who were affected by ISIS. This project included an initial period of deep ethnographic research and comprehensive data collection to understand agricultural practices impacted by ISIS occupation and of particular cultural significance to local communities and ethno sectarian groups. Learn more about this project.