Advocacy Video Casts

Advocacy Group conducted two videos in relation to enhancing the culture of peaceful coexistence, accountability sessions, and Alqosh art and cultural exhibition.  Also, the group recorded several Testimonies showing the impressions of the local communities in the Nineveh Plains regarding the activities of the Advocacy group in their areas.

Alqosh exhibition, Our Strength is in our Diversity.mp4

This event was held in Alqosh Jan 2023, where painters, artists, and music groups from different ethnic and religious groups displayed their art and their culture.

Together with Love and Cooperation we Live and Prosper.mp4

This video was produced to enhance the culture of peaceful coexistence in Nineveh plains, where characters from all communities are helping each other in building and prospering.

Advocacy Group a Testimonial Video-01.mp4
Advocacy Group a Testimonial Video-02.mp4
Advocacy Group a Testimonial Video-03.mp4
Advocacy Group a Testimonial Video-04.mp4