Directorate of International Relations
making the university's global links

Welcome to DOIR

One of the highest priorities of University of Duhok (herein, the University) is to promote its strong and well-established international presence in higher education globally. The Directorate of International Relations' (DOIR) mission is to support the University's international strategy and to contribute to the implementation of its strategic plans for international partnership and collaboration, as well as to establish prospects for the University academic community.

DOIR collaborates closely with the academic community at the University to facilitate communication channels for students, researchers, and professors, as well as universities and partners.  Our connections range from student exchange programmes and coordinated research on international problems to cooperation in teaching. Through our vast network of international relationships, we provide chances for collaboration on a variety of levels, including assisting businesses, governments, and universities in staff development and offering possibilities for employees and students to participate in overseas programmes.

DOIR supports incoming students and researchers. At the same time, it offers advice and assistance for researchers and students planning to study abroad. The directorate also oversees the University's international initiatives and activities. Our work is made possible by a devoted staff that serves our academic community. ➤ EXPLORE TO GET KNOW THEM 

DOIR is in charge of the University's international partnerships. Our relationships take many forms, from student exchange and teaching partnerships to coordinated research on global challenges. We offer chances for collaboration on many levels through our vast network of international connections, including assisting universities, governments, and businesses in staff development and offering overseas experiences for students and staff. ➤ EXPLORE 

The University of Duhok often engages in international education programmes funded by USAID and Erasmus+. The University has been a successful partner and organiser in a variety of programmes that promote education while also encouraging innovation and capacity building. Please explore our current and historical engagements. ➤ EXPLORE 

The programme encourages participation in and use of initiatives that support the objectives of the European Strategy and its flagship initiatives, including Youth on the Move and the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs. The Program also aids in achieving the objectives of the European Youth Strategy and the Education and Training Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training through the Open Methods of Coordination. ➤ EXPLORE

The DOIR creates an international yearly report each year. This report includes the pertinent metrics and significant findings that demonstrate how the university performed during the internationalisation process and how well its internationalisation plan was put into practise. The Report also informs our international collaboration partners about the University of Duhok's internationalisation efforts in line with her vision and mission. ➤ EXPLORE

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal, written agreement that creates a partnership between two or more parties. The University of Duhok has active Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with universities and institutes in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and throughout the world. Depending on the interests of the person or group establishing the agreement, each current MOU serves a specific function - visiting scholar exchanges, student exchanges, resource sharing, and so on. ➤ EXPLORE